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The text is typed in the text editor Microsoft Word as a “doc” or “rtf” file: type font - Times New Roman; font size - 14; line spacing - 1,5; dimensions: of a paragraph – 1,25 cm; upper, lower, left and right margins - 2,0 cm; page numbering on the right at the top of the text. Recommended report volume - 2-6 pages. Tables and pictures introduction is admitted in the summary text. Reports authors are responsible for the summary stuff. The script will be not subjected to further editing, so it has to be properly prepared.

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Cost of publication in the collected volume of the report for participants from Ukraine summaries amounts to 55 UAH for every completed (or uncompleted) А4 page and 70 UAH for the collected volume and the certificate. Payments for publishing collected volumes and issuing certificates are to transfer to the card account of PrivatВank 4149 4993 8923 2735 Recipient: Stan'ko T.R.
For participants from other countries organizational payment is 3 USD for every (complete or incomplete) page of the given theses of lecture and 7 USD for sending of collection and certificate. A cost and sending of everyadditional copy of collection of materials of conferencepresent 8 USD. For foreign participants payment comes true international standard through the payment systems: Western Union - Recipient: Taras Stanko. Or in dollars through electronic currencies of PerfectMoney on account: U11220920. During the transfer ofelectronic funds necessarily specify the last name.

One copy of a collected volume per one scientific research is sent to the address of the first author indicated in the information about authors. For additional collected volumes to be received they are to be paid for in amount of 35 UAH per each additional copy, which is to be indicated in the receipt being sent.  
We request you to order additional copies beforehand.

Organizational committee contacts:

Correspondence address:
MNIC Organizing Conference "Online Conference"
a/box 797, Ternopil 46005

e-mail: inetkonf
Phone: +38(068)3660525

Report summaries for the international academic and research Internet conference with the topic:

Information society: technological, economic and technical aspects of formation (issue 64)

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10 грудня 2021

Remaining time to start conference 14

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Information society: technological, economic and technical aspects of formation (issue 63)

Information society: technological, economic and technical aspects of formation (issue 64)


Conference 2021