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    We live in the heyday of information technology, the penetration of which occurs in all areas and spheres of human life. The professional activity of a scientist is no exception. Conducting research, searching for materials and publications, mathematical calculations, processing the results of experiments, acquainting a wide range of researchers with the conclusions and proposals - this is not a complete list of actions and operations performed using computer technology and appropriate standardized or specialized software. An important place among the information technologies used by scientists in various fields is occupied by Internet technologies. After all, for a scientist, the global Internet today is a means of searching for information and the opportunity to get acquainted with the results of recent research, on-line communication and use of e-mail, the ability to publish scientific articles in electronic journals and test research results by participating in Internet conferences ...

   The NGO "Scientific Community" and The Higher School of Management and Administration in Opole Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Administracji w Opolu (Opole, Poland) announces on June 12-13, 2024 the International Scientific Internet Conference on "Information Society: Technological, Economic and Technical Aspects of Formation" (issue 89).

Form of participation: distance, conference duration 18 hours (June 12-13 2024 р.) 0,6 ECTS credits.

The conference proceedings are assigned the international number ISSN 2522-932X  and UDK.

The publication is included in Scientific databases: Google Scholar, Academic Research Index (ResearchBib).

The following directions (sections) of the conference are planned:

1. Information systems and technologies.

• Theoretical foundations of computer science and cybernetics

• Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in economics

• Management systems and processes

• Computer systems and components

• Information Technology

• Automation of control processes

• Systems of automation of design works

• Information security systems

• Informational security

• Project and program management

• Artificial intelligence systems and tools

• Information and communication technologies in education

• Medical and biological informatics and cybernetics

• Social informatics

2. Economic sciences.

• Economic theory and history of economic thought

• World economy and international economic relations

• Economics and management of the national economy

• Economics and business management

• Development of productive forces and regional economy

• Economics of nature management and environmental protection

• Demography, labor economics, social economics and politics

• Money, finance and credit

• Accounting, analysis and audit

• Statistics

3. Technical sciences.

• Applied geometry, engineering graphics and ergonomics

• Mechanical engineering

• Processing of materials in mechanical engineering

• Industry engineering

• Electrical engineering

• Devices

• Radio engineering and telecommunications

• Energy

• Metallurgy

• Chemical technologies

• Technology of food and light industry

• Transport

• Construction

• Life Safety

• Electronics

Conference languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish.

Abstracts of 3-12 pages are accepted for printing.  To take part in the conference you should fill in an application for participation in the conference and attach the theses files, and scanned copy or a photo of the receipt. These data will be sent automatically to List of materials to send:

1. File of the report text (design requirements - on the Requires page).

2. Electronic copy of the document on payment of the organizational fee.

3. Application for participation in the conference with detailed information about the author (authors) of the report. The application file should be sent in case of direct sending of materials to the e-mail

The deadline for submission of materials is June 12, 2024 (including).

For participation in the conference, the authors pay an organizational fee, which covers the cost of producing a collection of conference materials and its distribution. The size of the registration fee depends on the number of pages of abstracts, as well as  the number of printed copies of collections.

Warning! One copy of the collection is sent for one scientific work (regardless of the number of co-authors). Please inform about the need to make and send additional copies (with additional payment) in advance in the application of the conference participant. "Standard" way of sending collections - Ukrposhta, ordinary letters (delivery is carried out by registered mail); Nova Poshta (at the exense of the recipient).  

Submissions of abstracts of the web conference that took place will be sent within, as a rule, two week after the date of the conference.

Collections have a unified formatting, which differs from the original submitted abstracts. The number of pages of abstracts sent and published in the collection may differ.

Sincerely, Organizing Committee of the Internet Conference.

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Information society: technological, economic and technical aspects of formation (issue 89)

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