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[2. Економічні науки]

Автор: Slavkova Olena, Ph. D., Professor, Public management and administration departmen, Sumy National Agrarian University; Zongxi Li, Ph. D. student of study of the specialty "Management", Sumy National Agrarian University, Henan Institute of Science and Technology

Abstract: Through the research on the elements of the organization mechanism of sports activities in Colleges and universities in China, it is concluded that colleges and universities want to realize the function of sports organization and management must be based on the play of the corresponding operation mechanism, and the formation of operation mechanism is based on the premise of sports organization and management mechanism. At present, the biggest problem of China's education is the top-down management mode, the superior can not cover all aspects, which is the fundamental reason for the lack of innovation ability of the organization mechanism of sports activities in Chinese universities.

Keywords: China; Colleges and universities; Sports activity; Organizational mechanism

The management and operation mechanism of college sports organization are both independent and unified.The management mechanism of sports organization can be said to be the "hardware" and the "software" of sports management in colleges and universities.In order to realize the stable, sustainable and good development of sports in higher vocational colleges, it is necessary to construct a reasonable and scientific sports organization and management mechanism first, and then establish a suitable and efficient operation mechanism.

1. Macro-control of sports by sports powers

After Britain won the right to host the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the government increased funding for competitive sports.According to statistics: from 1996 to 2016, the investment of Britain in each Olympic cycle is 5 million pounds, 58.9 million pounds, 71 million pounds, 235.1 million pounds, 264.14 million pounds and 274.47 million pounds.The result was a triple jump from Beijing 2008 to Rio 2016.The US government supports the development of competitive sports in various forms, exempting athletes from income tax on their medal earnings, providing athletes with living expenses, and strengthening the role of excellent athletes as role models, so as to attract student athletes to represent the United States in the Olympic Games and other large-scale events.Student athletes accounted for 417 of the more than 550 athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics.After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, Russia began to correct the former Soviet Union competitive sports management system, focusing on streamlining institutions and transforming government functions.The modernization of the training system for youth and high-level reserve forces, the establishment of a federal agency for the management of sports training, and the improvement of national competitions in different sports, are all intended to revive competitive sports.These experiences can be used for reference in the construction of China's sports activity organization mechanism system [1].

2. Current situation of the organization mechanism of sports activities in Chinese universities

College physical education is the main bridge connecting school physical education and social physical education, and the organization mechanism of sports activities is also geared to specialization and commercialization.The main body resources of the organization mechanism of college sports activities include system resources, financial and material resources, human resources, venue resources, etc., which are respectively organized, managed and operated by the government, schools, mass organizations and social sports related organizations.However, due to the differences in historical background, we still need to conduct in-depth research and analysis based on the local college sports activity organization mechanism.The construction of the organization mechanism system of sports activities in colleges and universities in China still faces some problems, such as lack of understanding, lack of foresight, slow development and difficult balance.

3. Countermeasures for the construction of organizational mechanism system of Chinese university sports activities

3.1 Coordinated development of diversified sports activities organization mechanism

To construct the linkage organization mechanism for the collaborative development of school physical education and realize the new pattern of collaborative linkage and complementary advantages. In the practice process, the effective operation of the linkage mechanism should be jointly guaranteed by the linkage policy, the linkage system as the standard constraint and the linkage resources as the carrier, and the integration of linkage resources should be optimized [2].To construct the organization guarantee mechanism, innovative development, organization and management coordination and resource allocation balance;To build a stable organization and management system and realize the integration, symbiosis, common prosperity, common prosperity and common progress of regional diversified sports can promote national rejuvenation and help the construction and development of sports power.

3.2 Integration of informal sports organizations into college sports organization system

Informal sports organizations have made up for the deficiency of incomplete coverage and ineffective response of public sports service supply objectively, and played an important role of supplementary supply of grassroots public sports service.The integration of informal sports organizations is urgently needed to construct a large-scale organization pattern for mass sports development and a multi-governance public sports service governance system.Give full play to the functions of mechanisms such as public welfare value stimulation, social relationship maintenance, inclusion of undertaking activities, inclusion of development structure, standardization of service constraints, and public policy guidance [3].

3.3 Improve the organization and management mechanism of college sports volunteers

Establishing hierarchical management mechanism of volunteers in colleges and universities to maximize the development and utilization of human resources;Establish and improve the multi-channel, multi-level volunteer training system, scientific volunteer training work;Standardized and institutionalized management of college SPORTS volunteers;Establish and perfect the guarantee mechanism of volunteer service;Optimize volunteer incentive methods, combine traditional and innovative elements;Attention should be paid to the application of information feedback mechanism in the whole volunteer service process [4].

3.4 Innovate the organization and management of college sports associations

University leaders should make overall plans to create a good environment for sports associations.Perfect the organization structure to ensure the efficient organization of activities.Optimize the supervision system to ensure that every system is implemented.Break through the fixed thinking and enrich the way of organizing activities [5].We should reform and innovate management mode from the source.


Although the world political, economic, cultural and other aspects have bigger difference, but through the foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, reasonable model sports management pattern, optimization of university internal organization management mechanism, development of public sports department management function, bold innovation, establishing the view of sports, make full use of the resources of its own advantages, actively to manage sports activity,Strengthen the cooperative management with sports social organizations, build an open platform to provide opportunities for market organizations to participate in the development of competitive sports, attach great importance to the development of sports and respect the market rules of its operation.


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