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23.09.2022 15:07

[2. Економічні науки]

Автор: Boboshko А.О., Student of National Aviation University, Kyiv; Simakhova А.О., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of Department of Business Analytics and Digital Economy, National Aviation University

Today requires from modern managers a more in-depth study of theoretical provisions and practical approaches to the activity of managing the effectiveness of companies. The correctness and rationality of the formulation of strategies and tactics in the management of personnel and the entire process of the company's work forms the basis of the effective functioning of the entire life cycle of the enterprise and its further development. Therefore, every day, economists are engaged in solving management problems, developing scientific approaches to management, as well as introducing modern technologies into it, in order to increase the efficiency of production and labor productivity. From this it follows that consideration of this topic is relevant today, because every entrepreneur is interested in the growth of the power of his company.

With the development and strengthening of the influence of scientific and technical progress, the role of innovation, the types and number of technologies that contribute to the emergence of new products with new characteristics and criteria, which are highly valued in the market, are increasing. Therefore, the process of restructuring the management system from a traditional production and market orientation to a technological orientation, which is capable of achieving this goal, is currently being observed. An important factor in the success of every company is the strategic management of the technological development of the enterprise - technological management.

One of the "main directions of management restructuring and its improvement was the massive use of the latest computer and telecommunication equipment, the formation of highly effective information and management technologies based on it. Tools and methods of applied informatics are used in management. New technologies based on computer technology require radical changes in the organizational structures of management, its regulations, personnel potential, the system of documentation, recording and transmission of information. Of particular importance is the introduction of information management, which greatly expands the possibility of companies using information resources" [1].

The main modern management technologies include: ERP systems, reengineering, engineering, benchmarking, controlling, grading.

In view of the shift in the attention of management in the company to the aspects of social interaction, communications, the role of human resources, as well as taking into account the problematic issues of the social sphere, it will be appropriate to consider the management system of the social development of the team. The object of the system is the employees of the enterprise, the subject is the managers of the enterprise, and the subject is the management of the social development of the team. Social development of the team is a process of improving the forms and conditions of life of employees through changes in their development, social sphere, and remuneration. Improving the system of social development of the team leads to: an increase in the social activity of the staff, an increase in the efficiency of the enterprise, an increase in the material well-being of the staff [2].

Business process reengineering is one of the most effective innovations in management. It is advisable to use this technology in three cases: the company is in a state of deep crisis (crisis reengineering); the company is in a satisfactory condition, but the forecasts for its development are disappointing; the company tries to achieve more success than its competitors (developmental reengineering). For most Ukrainian enterprises, crisis reengineering is the most relevant [3].

Reengineering can be attributed to radical technologies, because it involves abandoning outdated rules and approaches, neglecting the existing systems, structures and procedures of the organization and radically changing the ways of economic activity. This technology makes it possible to significantly improve the state of the company in a fairly short period of time [4].

So, based on the above analysis, modern management technologies are a complex of innovative and organizational technologies that develop both evolutionary and revolutionary, looking at the development of humanity and its worldview and needs for the current period of time of our civilization.


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